Patio Glow Ups!

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One of the most highly anticipated parts of summer? Spending time with family and friends on your patio! Not only are these backyard oases a great investment on your property, but they can be the perfect spot to end a warm summer evening too! If you’re looking to liven up your backyard patio this year, keep reading for a few ideas that will take it to the next level! 

Pop of Color

Want to bring brightness into your backyard? Adding a pop of color is the easiest way to add some personality to your patio! Try incorporating furniture with colored and patterned pillows that compliment your space. Adding new fabrics to well-loved furniture is a great way to revitalize your patio without breaking the bank! Try to find materials that complement the colors of the flowers in your garden for the ultimate coherent outdoor look.

Thrifted and Repurposed

When you thrift an item, you’re presented with the chance to give something a whole new purpose! From turning a vanity into a gardening bench to finding the perfect lamp to use as a planter, you never know what items you’ll find! Make these items your own by adding a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll have a beautiful and unique piece accenting your patio in no time!

Bring Out the Big Plants

If you think that large potted plants are only for indoors, you’ll want to reconsider. Look to adding some heartier plants in frost-proof pots that can stay out on your patio all year long. Not only will they bring a splash of color to your yard in the winter, but you’ll have beautiful plants already potted and ready by the time summer comes back around.

Feed the Birds

Bird watching is one of the most popular activities of the summer. Set up a hummingbird feeder near your patio to invite little feathered friends to join you while you’re outdoors. You’ll be so excited when one stops by for a snack while you’re outside with your house guests!

No matter what your vision is for your outdoor space, make sure that it speaks to your style and the purpose you want it to serve. If you’re looking for more of a nighttime relaxation spot, consider adding some lighting! If relaxing in the morning is more your thing, a table for sharing breakfast might be more of the look you want. Whatever you choose, your patio is sure to be a welcoming space that you’ll want to be in all season long!

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